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  • Cemented Carbide Drilling Components(Drill bits and nozzles)

    Tungsten Carbide Compacts for Oil, Gas, Seismic, Mining, Water Well & Geothermal Drilling;
    Drill Bit Inserts, Buttons, Grips, Drag Bit Profiles, Gage Blocks, Nozzles, Chips etc。

    In the relentless search for new sources of energy, whether hydrocarbon-based or carbon-free geothermal, advanced drilling technology makes possible their discovery and utilization. High performance SPP tungsten carbide inserts, buttons, gage blocks and drag bit profiles are hard at work every day in drill bits around the world probing the earth's crust for oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, in seismic drilling, in mining exploration and production and drilling water wells for homes and communities.

    SPP CARBIDE offers a full range of sintered tungsten carbide drill bit components for hard and soft formation drilling and boring equipment.

  • Custom Machining MWD, LWD & FE Wear Parts

    MWD, LWD & FE Components
    We provide gundrilling solutions necessary to support today's, and tomorrow's leading edge Formation Evaluation, Rotary Steerable, Well Completion and reservoir management technologies.

    Mud Deflectors
    Valve Seats and Stems
    Rotors and Stators
    Erosion Sleeves
    Flow Restrictor Bearings
    Main Pulser Components
    Solid Carbide or Two- Piece Threaded Nozzles
    Seal Rings
    Ported Flow Cages
    Thrust Bearings

  • Flow Carbide Cages for Oil Industries and Throttle Valves

    SPP Carbide product range for oil and gas production includes artificial lift, flow control, and fluid end components manufactured from hard materials as well as specialty steels designed to improve the performance and extend the life of our customers’ products. From simple, straight walled choke beans to products with complex geometries used in ESP pumps. SPP Carbide supplies high-quality materials and components that have made us a leading supplier in this market segment.

    The components include cages, sleeves, seats, points, rings, and discs for different design valves.

  • Precision Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies Manufacturer

    SPP INDUSTRY develops and manufactures all types of wire drawing dies: round, oval, square, hexagonal, quadrilateral and other special shapes. The company can produce any drawing requirement you need. Based on our 23 years of experience in the manufacture of tungsten carbide tools, we will also be able to help you design your drawing dies and select the most suitable grade of carbide for your production.

  • Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Hot & Cold Rolling

    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Tungsten carbide tooling and components such as tungsten carbide rolls, nozzles, inlet and outlet wire guides, clamping systems, and rollers for hot and cold rolling of long steel products such as wire rod, bars, and tubes.
    SPP CARBIDE LLC's 30+ years of experience in mill applications, coupled with our wide range of tungsten carbide rolls, tungsten carbide nozzles, inlet and outlet wire guides, and torsion roll rings customised to meet the needs of the marketplace, gives us the unique ability to work with you to develop an effective solution specifically tailored to your mill needs. Our custom solutions include tungsten carbide block rolls, combination rolls and carbide casting solutions as well as various clamping solution alternatives.
    Product Group:
    Cast Carbide Rolls
    Composite Rolls
    Tungsten Carbide Rings
    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Wire Guide Rolls
    Torsion rollers
    Tilt Roller
    Carbide cooling nozzles
    Inlet and outlet wire guides
    Ring rolls
    Rodillos arrastradores
    Feeding rolls
    Wire guides

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