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  • Cemented Carbide Drilling Components(Drill bits and nozzles)

    Tungsten Carbide Compacts for Oil, Gas, Seismic, Mining, Water Well & Geothermal Drilling;
    Drill Bit Inserts, Buttons, Grips, Drag Bit Profiles, Gage Blocks, Nozzles, Chips etc。

    In the relentless search for new sources of energy, whether hydrocarbon-based or carbon-free geothermal, advanced drilling technology makes possible their discovery and utilization. High performance SPP tungsten carbide inserts, buttons, gage blocks and drag bit profiles are hard at work every day in drill bits around the world probing the earth's crust for oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, in seismic drilling, in mining exploration and production and drilling water wells for homes and communities.

    SPP CARBIDE offers a full range of sintered tungsten carbide drill bit components for hard and soft formation drilling and boring equipment.

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