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  • Aerospace Cold Heading & Forging Tooling

    The aerospace industry is perhaps the most demanding and demanding of the industrial sectors.
    SPP CNC MACHINING's expertise in part customization, accuracy, durability and speed to market are the main challenges aerospace manufacturers face in today's market. Due to the high demand for customized parts in unique alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Tungsten Carbide, Technical Ceramics, Vaspaloy or Titanium, aerospace manufacturers need machining partners that can meet the demands of these alloys and have the expertise and know-how to produce the right part for the right aerospace application.
    SPP CARBIDE offers unrivaled materials and machining process knowledge
    SPP CARBIDE understands the unique challenges our customers face in forming these specialized materials. We work with our customers to ensure that the best possible materials and machining processes are used in the manufacture of cold or hot formed molds.

  • Cold And Hot Forging Tools & Cutting Knives

    Cold And Hot Forging Tooling
    Tools in this category can be:
    Cutting knives
    Cutting dies
    Pre shapers / Pre compressors
    Final shapers
    Compacting dies
    Forging dies
    Conic dies
    Reducer dies
    Steel & Hard Metal Tools:
    Drawing Dies
    Drawing Mandrels
    Cold And Hot Forging Tools
    Rolling Tools
    Special Hard Metal Tools

    Cutting and trimming dies
    Stamping dies
    Cold heading dies
    Reduction / extrusion dies

  • Cold Forming Tooling and Cold Forging Die

    Cold Heading Tooling includes:
    Carbide and Steel Inserts
    Extruding Dies
    Taptite ® Inserts
    Torx ® and Torx Plus ® inserts
    Strux ® Tooling
    Magform ® Tooling
    Die Cases and Punch Cases
    Trim Dies
    Cut Off Knives
    Nut Forming Tooling
    Knock out pins
    Steel and Carbide Extrusion Pins
    Feed Rolls
    Machine Parts
    Wear Coatings
    Carbide DIES
    Carbide PVD coated punches
    Shaping Dies
    Tungsten Carbide Inserts
    Taptite 2000
    T Tap
    Torx Plus

  • Cold Heading Tooling And Cold Forming Tooling

    For 50 years, SPP CARBIDE has earned a reputation for producing the highest quality cold heading dies and cold forming dies as well as reliable service and providing the best value for our customers.

    We are able to achieve this because of the experience of our talented machinists and because we use state-of-the-art 2-5 axis multi-axis lathes and milling machines in our in-house grinding department and automation in areas such as our wire cutting and stamping EDM departments to produce tools and parts to tight tolerances at competitive prices.

  • Hot & Cold Forming Trimming Dies & Inserts

    We offer precision tooling making for the cold & hot forging sector, they are generally made of carbide, M42, M2, HSS, 1.3343, ASP60 and others.

    Hot & Cold Forming Dies & Inserts
    Die Assembly
    Steel Inserts
    Carbide Inserts
    Segmented Carbide Inserts
    Replaceable Carbide Inserts
    Trimming Dies
    Open Dies
    Die Screws
    Die Fillers
    Serration Heading Dies
    Die Sleeves
    Pointing Dies
    Die Fillers
    and more.

  • Special Shaped Cold Forming Punches & Tooling

    Cold heading extrusion punches
    Cold heading is the process of feeding wire into a machine that cuts it into pieces and then hammers it. The material is not heated or processed, but formed into the desired shape at room temperature. The ability to form the material rather than remove it makes the process extremely efficient and cost effective in high volume production.

    We design and manufacture our own custom tooling and make virtually all fastener forms, including multiple upsetting configurations, custom head shapes and replacements for multi-part assemblies. Transforming your supply requirements to cold heading can benefit in many ways.

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