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  • 5 Axis CNC Machining of Custom Die Components

    SPP INDUSTRY LTD is a manufacturer of precision five-axis machining and we provide a high quality customised component service for the tool and mould making sector all year round. Our high speed 5 axis milling service and gantry 5 axis machining centre can provide customization of parts for:
    -Automotive Mould Components
    -Automotive valve body mould cavities and inserts
    -Automotive lamp mould parts
    -Optical mould parts
    -Acoustic mould components
    -Connector and terminal mould punches and core pins
    -Semiconductor tooling components
    -Consumer and digital product tooling components
    -Die holders and templates etc.

  • EMD Machining Mold Parts for Headphone Manufacturing

    We supply precision components according to drawings for the field of acoustic system tooling and tool manufacture, they are machined by EDM and WEDM.

  • High Speed 5-axis Milling of Die-Cast Mould Components

    SPP INDUSTRY specialises in five-axis CNC machining services, including five-axis high-speed milling, five-axis machining centres, five-axis gantry milling, five-axis cube milling, large five-axis machining centres and more.
    Supported materials:
    -Hardened steel
    -Copper and beryllium copper
    -Nitrided steel
    -Martensitic stainless steel
    -Technical ceramics
    -Titanium and high temperature alloys etc.

  • IC Package Mold Parts Cavities and Inserts

    We offer fabrication and customization services for semiconductor die components, including:
    -IC encapsulation die cavities and inserts
    -IC leadframe stamping die punches and bushings
    -Semiconductor packaging die plungers and pots, -Semiconductor packaging die plungers and pots
    -Encapsulation die cores and core pins

    Materials: tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, tool steel, HSS, ASP23, etc.

  • Injection Moulding for Sophisticated Plastic Optical Components

       We supply mould components for the optical sector, including injection moulding tools and moulds, microfluidic components, silicone optical injection mould components, mould components for optical components for automotive headlamps, sensor optical mould cores and inserts, cavities and core pins for micro-optical moulds for camera systems, mould punches and bushings for LED lighting systems, etc.

      Material: 1.2343/1.2344/HSS/SKD11/SHH51/M42/M2/ASP23/Tungsten Carbide/Technical Ceramics/Beryllium Copper etc.

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