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Tungsten Carbide and Cemented Carbide Manufacturers

SPP Industry offers precision tungsten carbide machining. We perform the entire process from tungsten carbide sintering to precision machining in our machine park in Qingdao.

Whether it is tungsten carbide turning, tungsten carbide milling, tungsten carbide grinding, tungsten carbide EDM and wire EDM machining, all done in our own facility, most of the Chinese tungsten carbide wear parts demanders have grown to rely on SPP Industries for high quality parts.

Where is Cemented Carbide used?

Cemented carbide is an alloy material made from hard compounds of refractory metals and bonded metals through a powder metallurgical process. It has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness。

Whether it is carbide cutting tools, geological and mining tools, oil and gas wear parts, tungsten carbide molds, valve and pump body wear parts, structural parts or industrial parts, SPP Industry can customize them according to customers' needs according to drawings.

Common carbide wear parts

Carbide Punches
Tungsten carbide dies
Carbide die and plug
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
Tungsten carbide wear parts
Carbide spool and sleeve
Tungsten Carbide Teeth
Carbide Rotor and Stator
Tungsten Carbide Tools
Carbide Ball and Seat
Tungsten Throttle Sleeve
Cemented carbide for batteries
Cemented carbide rolls
Carbide for wire forming
Cemented carbide wire drawing dies
Ccarbide for can manufacturing
Tungsten carbide tooling dies etc.

Tungsten Carbide Machining FAQ

Usually with diamond tools or diamond grinding wheels

We offer a wide range of carbide grades that correspond to foreign grades.

It will generally be sintered tungsten carbide before forming the blank, which will then be precision machined.

Tungsten carbide has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, strength and good toughness.

Custom Tungsten Carbide Types

Tungsten Carbide Sintering

Sintering, CIP and HIP of powders into blanks

Tungsten Carbide Grinding

Carbide grinding with diamond grinding wheels

Tungsten Carbide CNC Machining

Diamond tools for tungsten carbide cutting

Tungsten Carbide EDM & EDM

Precision machining methods for tungsten carbide parts

SPP Industry Ltd.

In the 1990s, SPP Industry Ltd was one of the first manufacturers to establish CNC machining in China. The company has now established five major machine parks in China, with significant achievements in the areas of 5-axis machining, precision grinding & honing, gear machining, large parts machining, custom tungsten carbide and new material development respectively.

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