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  • Carbide Components for the Automotive & Medical Tooling

    SPP Industries produces semi-finished and finished tools or parts for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, which include

    -Extrusion inserts (carbide and steel)
    -Extrusion punches
    -Forming punches
    -General metal forming
    -Hammer Blades
    -Punching pins
    -Perforating pins
    -Drill inserts
    -Specialised fastener tools
    -Stamping / laminating tools
    -Trimming tooling components

    -Special collets
    -Jigs and fixtures
    -Carbide medical core pins

  • Carbide Cutting Tools

    Carbide Cutting Tools
    We are specialized in designing and manufacturing high-efficiency tungsten cutting tools. We have advanced machines from brand:ROLLOMATIC,WALTER,MAKINO SEIKI AND VOLLMER. The raw material are from Taiwan CB carbide,SUMITOMO from Japan or Guhring from Germany,and available for Bakzers、PVD coating. The unique design and strict quality management have provides strong guarantee for high-quality, high-efficient and more stable new products.

  • Cemented Carbide Wear Parts & Tooling manufacturers

    Carbide wear parts are adapted to a variety of high strength, high wear resistance working conditions, the company customised carbide tools according to customer drawings.
    Cemented carbide has high finish, high hardness and high brittleness, so whatever your requirements, the company can sinter the appropriate carbide grade.

  • Tungsten Carbide Circular Knives

    Manufacturer of Circular Knives
    We produce a wide range of knives for a variety of applications from a minimum diameter of 2mm to a maximum of 950mm and offer specific solutions for cutting any job.
    We have specialised in manufacturing knives for over thirty years to cut a wide variety of materials such as cardboard boxes, plastics, rubber, cork, deep frozen goods, rubber tubes with or without metal weft yarns, paper tubes and foam. The tool material depends on the material to be cut and the productivity needs of the customer. dongguan spp industry Co.,Limited uses different steels (carbide, diamond, sapphire, ruby, HSS, hardened tool steel, martensitic stainless steel SUS630, etc.) and offers a wide range of solutions for all applications.

    The tool shape is very important; the standard shape for common applications is defined by a sharpening type that can be single or double bevelled. Round knives are usually as sharp as straight knives and can have or not have teeth depending on the material being cut. Technological advances in blade geometry and the experience we have gained in several applications have shown that for certain materials a specific tooth shape or a specific kerf significantly improves cutting performance. We usually design and produce tools for specific customers.

  • Tungsten Carbide Flow Control Wear Components

    Tungsten carbide is an ideal material for demanding wear applications, such as the control of material flow in various pumps.

    SPP CARBIDE produces components for use in all conditions and has an exemplary record of quality, speed of delivery and life cycle. Our advanced tungsten carbide grades and ability to provide a 'one stop shop' for all aspects of material production, forming and finishing ensures that each component is manufactured to the highest standards, providing long life and efficient performance.

    Our ability to machine components up to 1200mm in diameter and achieve flatness in two light bands makes us the perfect choice for all applications in high pressure pumps, flow pumps, metering pumps and other systems. We can also 'reverse engineer' worn components or those coming to the end of their life cycle to replace existing steel with high performance tungsten carbide.

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