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What types of technical ceramics are there?

Advanced technical ceramics are indispensable materials for human life and social construction. With the development of the universe, the rise of the atomic energy industry and the rapid development of the electronics industry, 

their importance is becoming more and more prominent over time and they occupy an increasingly important position in the new materials industry. At present, advanced ceramics can be classified by their chemical composition 

into oxide ceramics, carbide ceramics, nitride ceramics and boride ceramics.

What areas does SPP ceramic machining serve?

-Semiconductor/LCD equipment

-Medical/Implantable Device/Pill Manufacturing

-Pumps and valves/industrial

-Energy sector

-Electronics industry

-Automotive and aerospace

-Heaters etc

We can manufacture any ceramic parts and tools from drawings.

Technical competence in ceramic machining

Ceramic materials supported include: zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, aluminium nitride, silicon carbide, sapphire, cordierite, yttrium oxide, cermet, quartz glass, ruby, etc.

Technical ceramic machining FAQs

By sintering the ceramic powder into shape and then precision machining the blank.

The wear resistance of zirconia ceramics is 15 times higher than that of alumina ceramics, and the coefficient of friction of zirconia ceramics is only 1/2 that of alumina ceramics.

With a hardness (wear resistance) of Gpa 23.0, silicon carbide is the hardest technical ceramic available.

The fracture toughness of silicon nitride Si3N4 is 7mpa/m, which provides excellent fracture toughness and heat impact resistance at high temperatures.

Technical ceramic manufacturing Types

Ceramic Powder Molding

Pressing of powders into blanks

High-Speed Milling Of Technical Ceramics

Precision technical ceramic machining methods

Technical Ceramics CNC Machining

Technical ceramics suitable for bar and square stock

Technical Ceramic Grinding

Suitable for ceramic parts with tight form tolerances

SPP Industry Ltd.

In the 1990s, SPP Industry Ltd was one of the first manufacturers to establish CNC machining in China. The company has now established five major machine parks in China, with significant achievements in the areas of 5-axis machining, precision grinding & honing, gear machining, large parts machining, custom tungsten carbide and new material development respectively.

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