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  • 5 Axis CNC Machining of Custom Die Components

    SPP INDUSTRY LTD is a manufacturer of precision five-axis machining and we provide a high quality customised component service for the tool and mould making sector all year round. Our high speed 5 axis milling service and gantry 5 axis machining centre can provide customization of parts for:
    -Automotive Mould Components
    -Automotive valve body mould cavities and inserts
    -Automotive lamp mould parts
    -Optical mould parts
    -Acoustic mould components
    -Connector and terminal mould punches and core pins
    -Semiconductor tooling components
    -Consumer and digital product tooling components
    -Die holders and templates etc.

  • 5 Axis Machining - Impeller and Wind Turbine Manufacture

    We have been providing five-axis machining services to the aerospace industry for over 15 years. Precision impeller and wind turbine manufacturing requires ultra-high precision equipment and we have a wide range of high precision five-axis CNC machining machines, vertical five-axis machining, gantry five-axis machining centres and more. We serve the medical, aerospace, new energy, automotive and other fields.

  • Five-axis CNC Machining of Die Plates & Sets

    SPP INDUSTRY is a professional Die Plates & Sets manufacturer and supplier, we provide precision 5 axis CNC milling, 5 axis machining centre, 5 axis gantry machining centre services for Die Plates & Sets for tooling and tooling.

  • High Speed 5-axis Milling of Die-Cast Mould Components

    SPP INDUSTRY specialises in five-axis CNC machining services, including five-axis high-speed milling, five-axis machining centres, five-axis gantry milling, five-axis cube milling, large five-axis machining centres and more.
    Supported materials:
    -Hardened steel
    -Copper and beryllium copper
    -Nitrided steel
    -Martensitic stainless steel
    -Technical ceramics
    -Titanium and high temperature alloys etc.

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