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What is grinding?

Grinding is the process that follows "cutting" on lathes, milling machines, etc.


Grinding is the process of scraping the surface of a product with an oil stone and can therefore be regarded as one of the cutting processes.


There are various processing methods such as "surface grinding", "internal surface grinding", "external grinding" and "honing". All of these can be used for the removal of high dimensional accuracy. Another feature is that even extremely hard products such as hardened steel, Tungsten carbide and ceramics can be machined efficiently.

Applications for grinding parts

We provide grinding services for tool and mould making, hydraulics and pump bodies, wire forming, energy, industry, semiconductor, packaging industry, textile, medical and other sectors.


-Hydraulic components spool and sleeve
-Mold components
-Eccentric shafts, camshafts, crankshafts
-Motor shafts, spindles, drive shafts
-Pins, gears, splines
-Tungsten carbide tools
-Technical ceramic parts
-Cams, bushings, matrices, etc.

Our grinding manufacturing capabilities

We offer surface grinding, internal & external grinding, honing, centreless grinding, profile grinding, electrolytic grinding, gear grinding, thread grinding


Thickness accuracy ±0.1um
Dimensional / positional accuracy ±0.5um
Right angle 0.5um
Parallelism 0.1um
Flatness 0.1um
Surface roughness Ra0.01um
Straightness 1 um

Grinding FAQ's

Generally harder materials are more suitable for grinding (e.g. tungsten carbide, hardened and hardened steel, technical ceramics, sapphire, etc.

General grinding tolerances can be achieved within 0.0001, depending on the shape of the workpiece.

Honing tolerances can generally be achieved to 0.001 and finishes to Ra 0.02.

Turning and milling generally have a cutting pattern, grinding uses a grinding wheel and therefore has no pattern.

Grinding & Honing Types

CNC Grinding

Internal and external grinding in one clamping.

Non-Circular Grinding

Suitable for the manufacture of crankshafts, eccentric shafts and camshafts.


To meet the requirements of precision bore machining.

Gear Grinding

Grinding of tooth-shaped parts such as gears, racks and worm wheels.

SPP Industry Ltd.

In the 1990s, SPP Industry Ltd was one of the first manufacturers to establish CNC machining in China. The company has now established five major machine parks in China, with significant achievements in the areas of 5-axis machining, precision grinding & honing, gear machining, large parts machining, custom tungsten carbide and new material development respectively.

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