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Oil and gas parts manufacturers

Energy is not inexhaustible,Oil and gas are not inexhaustible and as the conditions become more demanding, so do the demands on the tools.Whether it's tungsten carbide or large scale machining, SPP Industry is right at home.


The company has sintering and forming furnaces for tungsten carbide and technical ceramics at its Machinery Park in Qingdao and produces tungsten carbide wear parts and hardened tool steel parts for oil and gas applications at the Machinery Park.


Oil and gas wear parts
MWD Valve seats and stems
MWD Rotors and stators
Stratapax tools
Mud nozzles
Chokes and trimmer parts
High pressure pump parts
Carbide and ceramic plungers
Carbide teeth
Tungsten Carbide Bushings
Large gears
Blanking Cap
Gate Valve Bonnet


Some examples of oil and gas components

Machining technology for oil and gas parts

large parts cnc machining

Workpieces for oil and gas are generally large and require machining on gantry mills, vertical lathes and boring machines.

Carbide machining

ungsten carbide wear parts for oil and gas applications generally require high wear resistance and the company offers a wide selection of carbide grades.

Mirror grinding

Tungsten carbide machining generally requires a very high level of finish in order to make the parts more wear resistant and durable.

Oil & Gas Machining Parts Case

Large gear machining for gear pumps in oil fields, large drive shaft machining.

For the machining of tungsten carbide wear parts for oil and gas.

Machining of gas pipeline flanges for natural gas fields.

Tungsten carbide nozzles for oil and gas.

SPP Industry Ltd.

In the 1990s, SPP Industry Ltd was one of the first manufacturers to establish CNC machining in China. The company has now established five major machine parks in China, with significant achievements in the areas of 5-axis machining, precision grinding & honing, gear machining, large parts machining, custom tungsten carbide and new material development respectively.

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