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  • Carbide Valve Seats and Stems

    SPP CARBIDE manufactures tungsten carbide wear parts for oil and gas applications.

    Mud Deflectors
    Valve Seats and Stems
    Rotors and Stators
    Erosion Sleeves
    Flow Restrictor Bearings
    Main Pulser Components
    Solid Carbide or Two- Piece Threaded Nozzles
    Seal Rings
    Ported Flow Cages
    Thrust Bearings

  • Cemented Carbide Drilling Components(Drill bits and nozzles)

    Tungsten Carbide Compacts for Oil, Gas, Seismic, Mining, Water Well & Geothermal Drilling;
    Drill Bit Inserts, Buttons, Grips, Drag Bit Profiles, Gage Blocks, Nozzles, Chips etc。

    In the relentless search for new sources of energy, whether hydrocarbon-based or carbon-free geothermal, advanced drilling technology makes possible their discovery and utilization. High performance SPP tungsten carbide inserts, buttons, gage blocks and drag bit profiles are hard at work every day in drill bits around the world probing the earth's crust for oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, in seismic drilling, in mining exploration and production and drilling water wells for homes and communities.

    SPP CARBIDE offers a full range of sintered tungsten carbide drill bit components for hard and soft formation drilling and boring equipment.

  • Custom Machining MWD, LWD & FE Wear Parts

    MWD, LWD & FE Components
    We provide gundrilling solutions necessary to support today's, and tomorrow's leading edge Formation Evaluation, Rotary Steerable, Well Completion and reservoir management technologies.

    Mud Deflectors
    Valve Seats and Stems
    Rotors and Stators
    Erosion Sleeves
    Flow Restrictor Bearings
    Main Pulser Components
    Solid Carbide or Two- Piece Threaded Nozzles
    Seal Rings
    Ported Flow Cages
    Thrust Bearings

  • ESP Components & Tungsten Carbide Sleeves and Bushings

    Bushing & Sleeve of ESP
    The cemented carbide bushing & sleeve will mainly be used on electric submersible pump(ESP) in oil field. There are kinds of sleeves, such as normal cylindrical axle sleeve, cylindrical axle sleeve with slot, axle sleeve with convex stage, axle sleeve with slot and convex stage, non-standard axle sleeve etc. There is a big choice of sizes and types of products. We can also recommend, design, develop, produce and supply the products according to the drawings and requirements of customers.
  • Flow Carbide Cages for Oil Industries and Throttle Valves

    SPP Carbide product range for oil and gas production includes artificial lift, flow control, and fluid end components manufactured from hard materials as well as specialty steels designed to improve the performance and extend the life of our customers’ products. From simple, straight walled choke beans to products with complex geometries used in ESP pumps. SPP Carbide supplies high-quality materials and components that have made us a leading supplier in this market segment.

    The components include cages, sleeves, seats, points, rings, and discs for different design valves.

  • MWD and LWD Carbide Wear Components

    SPP Carbide has been supplying tungsten carbide, technical ceramic wear parts for MWD and LWD technology for over 20 years and we have extensive technical and machining experience from sintering and forming the raw material to finishing.

    We supply tungsten carbide recovery tools, exploration technology tools, telemetry technology tools, drilling technology tools to major oil and gas producers in China, Russia, Europe and the USA.

  • Nuclear Detectors, MWD/LWD Industrial Components

    SPP Carbide has been focused on the oil and gas sector since its inception and is committed to the vision of providing solutions for harsh service environments. This includes MWD/LWD tooling, drilling tools, completion tools and more.

    Products include:
    LWD/MWD tungsten carbide components
    PDC drill nozzles
    Carbide Drill Bits
    Tungsten Carbide Inserts
    PDC Bearings
    TC Bearings
    Housing and shaft
    Non-magnetic stabilisers etc.

  • Oil And Natural Gas Wear Parts Manufacturers

    Oil and gas tungsten carbide wear parts
    Major oil and gas companies rely on us for tungsten carbide drilling parts, probing parts, remote control parts, ceramic pump parts, hardened tool steel wear parts, M.W.D and L.W.D parts, and many other specialized oil wear parts.

    Our excellent service, experienced personnel and well-trained machinists have given us an excellent reputation in many industries. Our reliable delivery and competitive pricing, along with our quality assurance and on-time delivery programs, have enabled us to maintain and grow our customer base in the oil and gas industry.


  • Tungsten Carbide Control Valves Spare Parts for Oil and Gas

    SPP Carbide manufactures flow control components, Gates and Seats, Bushings, Choke and trim components for oil and gas, where the rigours of extraction and follow-on drilling require extremely wear resistant and hard materials. Cemented carbide and technical ceramics are the first choice and our carbide grades and technical ceramics are perfectly suited to their wear requirements. We also offer a selection of hardened steels and tool steels.

    SPP Carbide’s fluid handling and flow control products include:

    Homogenizer Components
    Spray Nozzles and Swirl Chambers
    Centrifugal Pump Components
    Choke Valve Components and Cages
    Control Valve Components
    Gate Valve Components
    Mechanical Seal Components
    Compressor Components
    Centrifuge Tiles

  • Tungsten Carbide Flow Control Wear Components

    Tungsten carbide is an ideal material for demanding wear applications, such as the control of material flow in various pumps.

    SPP CARBIDE produces components for use in all conditions and has an exemplary record of quality, speed of delivery and life cycle. Our advanced tungsten carbide grades and ability to provide a 'one stop shop' for all aspects of material production, forming and finishing ensures that each component is manufactured to the highest standards, providing long life and efficient performance.

    Our ability to machine components up to 1200mm in diameter and achieve flatness in two light bands makes us the perfect choice for all applications in high pressure pumps, flow pumps, metering pumps and other systems. We can also 'reverse engineer' worn components or those coming to the end of their life cycle to replace existing steel with high performance tungsten carbide.

  • Tungsten Carbide Valve Sleeves and Bushings for Flow Control

    In logistics transport pipelines, valve seals are susceptible to wear caused by sliding friction from other components, which can exacerbate valve failure. As a result, wear resistance has become an important performance indicator for valves in harsh conditions such as powder transport. spp Carbide has been working in the fluid transport field for 30 years and we are committed to solving the long-term stable production needs of fluid control systems such as coal chemical slurry and oil & gas. Monolithic sintered tungsten carbide carbide is used for sealing parts and is more suitable for hard sealing valve balls for flaps and seats, spools and sleeves, stems and pins, etc.
    SPP carbide specialises in the production of wear resistant valve seals for use in harsh operating conditions, thus providing valve life and range. The main applications and types of valves include regulating valves, blackwater valves, slag locking valves, pressure reducing and noise reducing valves etc. The performance indicators of the valves are guaranteed to meet the needs of fluid control.

    Typical examples of tungsten carbide flow control elements:
    Labyrinth bushings, valve bushings
    Ball cages, valve cages, etc.
    Valve balls and seats
    Valve sprue, valve flap, valve plate, etc.
    Homogeniser components
    Nozzles and vortex chambers
    Centrifugal pump components
    Throttle valve assemblies and valve cages
    Control valve components
    Gate valve components
    Mechanical seal components
    Compressor components
    Centrifuge tiles
    SPP Carbide is committed to solving high performance research and development for wear resistant parts, we support not only tungsten carbide, cemented carbide but also technical ceramics, sapphire and other crystalline materials to achieve better wear resistance and hardness performance.

  • Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts for Oil & Natural Gas

    Oil and Gas
    For over 30 years, SPP CARBIDE has been providing solutions for the oil and gas industry. We offer a wide range of products, from the smallest measuring inserts for drilling to complex and fully finished flow control assemblies manufactured and assembled from a variety of materials. Our fully integrated manufacturing organization allows us to control every step of the process from raw material to finished product. Providing our customers with the best combination of performance, total cost of ownership and availability.

    SPP CARBIDE produces tungsten carbide wear parts, hardened steel tooling, and technical ceramic parts for oil and gas applications, mainly in the drilling, production and wireline sectors.

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