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  • Check Valve Poppet and Hydraulic Spool Valve Machining

    Dongguan spp industry Co.,Limited is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic components, we provide OEM service for high precision check valve poppet and hydraulic spool valve, sleeve, ball cage sleeve, poppet valve, adapter, manifold, hydraulic cylinder components, cylinder block, cylinder sleeve and other components.

  • Custom Machining Hydraulic Components Precision OEM Manufacturer

    For over 20 years our SPP Industries team has been manufacturing hydraulic components for heavy construction, agricultural equipment, hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, gearboxes, aerospace manufacturing and more.

    -spools and sleeves
    -hydraulic fluid distribution manifolds.
    -Power Steering Housing
    -Timing Component
    -Valve Body
    -Piston Pump Cylinder Block

  • Custom Machining Hydraulic Manifolds Manufacturers

    Hydraulic components such as manifolds, valve blocks, hydraulic cylinder components,Hydraulic valve body and assembly
    Based on our precision turning equipment, we have invested in many high-end horizontal machining centres, multi-axis vertical quilting, high-pressure cleaning and functional test benches to expand our product range to include the processing of castings and valve bodies.

  • Hydraulic and Pump Gear Components

    SPP CNC MACHINING's primary applications include heavy-duty transmissions, diesel engines, electric motors, generators, pneumatic, hydraulic, piston and gear pumps, transmission systems and various other powertrain applications. Markets covered include automotive (both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles), heavy construction, agriculture, transportation, defense, locomotives and more.
    The majority of SPP CNC MACHINING's parts are used in hydraulic pumps and engines.
    Examples include:
    -Gear shafts and hubs, housings, spline shafts, drive shafts, spindles and bushings, drive gears, control plates, covers, flanges, cylinders, pistons and bushings, etc.

  • Hydraulic Components for Agricultural Equipment

    We provide OEM manufacturing services for hydraulic and pump body components for agricultural equipment, they are generally used in power steering devices, hydraulic work equipment lifting devices, HST (hydrostatic transmission), etc.
    Products include: hydraulic slide valves, hydraulic pump components, lifting device spools and sleeves, valve seats, valve stems, hydraulic sleeves, hydraulic ball cage sleeves, manifolds, control valves, etc.

  • Hydraulic Components for Automotive Anti-lock Systems

    Anti-lock brakes
    Our machined products are used in the hydraulics of anti-lock braking systems to prevent the brakes from locking, to maintain stability in the direction of travel and to allow the driver to use the steering wheel to avoid dangerous emergency braking on slippery surfaces or when braking.

  • Hydraulic Components for Construction Equipment

    We manufacture hydraulic components for main control valves, oscillating motors, traction motors, hoisting devices, etc. used in excavator manufacturing.
    Products include:
    Hydraulic valve spools
    Hydraulic spool and sleeve
    Hydraulic valve seats, valve stems, and valve pins
    Hydraulic manifolds
    Slide valves
    Control valve components
    Metering valve components
    One-way valve components
    Flow and purge valve components
    OEM machining services for hydraulic components such as。

  • Hydraulic Components for Excavators

    Dongguan spp industry Co.,Limited specialises in the OEM manufacture of hydraulic components for excavators. We not only process special shaped spools, valve bodies, manifolds, gear shafts, drive shafts and other hydraulic and pump body components. We also provide manufacturing services for hydraulic components for well-known excavator companies.
    -Komatsu excavator components
    -Carter poppet valve components
    -Doosan hydraulic components
    -Hitachi hydraulic components, etc.

  • Hydraulic Components for Industrial Equipment Engines

    Our processed products are used in mechanical fuel injection pumps for controlling the uniformity and timing of fuel injection.

  • Hydraulic Components Spools and Sleeve

    Hydraulic Components - For 30 years our team at SPP INDUSTRY has been manufacturing components for the hydraulic industry. Most of the components manufactured are used in hydraulic pumps, motors, excavators, agricultural machinery, automotive, medical, aerospace and other applications.

    Our hydraulic components include cages, spools, valves, poppets, adapters, and hydraulic fluid distribution manifolds.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Parts & Components

    We have been manufacturing hydraulic cylinder assemblies for over 20 years with products such as:
    -Hydraulic cylinder heads and gland
    -Hydraulic pistons and stop rings
    -Chrome plated rods for hydraulic cylinders
    -Hydraulic cylinder end plugs
    -Machined hydraulic cylinder tubes
    -Hydraulic cylinder supports
    -Port, feed tube and breather
    -Locking nuts and half nuts
    -Guide jackets
    -cylinder bottom
    Custom machining services for hydraulic cylinder parts, etc.

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