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  • 3C and 5G Communication Parts Machining

    We provide CNC machining services for parts in areas such as 5G communication equipment and 3C electronic products.

  • 5 Axis CNC Machining of Custom Die Components

    SPP INDUSTRY LTD is a manufacturer of precision five-axis machining and we provide a high quality customised component service for the tool and mould making sector all year round. Our high speed 5 axis milling service and gantry 5 axis machining centre can provide customization of parts for:
    -Automotive Mould Components
    -Automotive valve body mould cavities and inserts
    -Automotive lamp mould parts
    -Optical mould parts
    -Acoustic mould components
    -Connector and terminal mould punches and core pins
    -Semiconductor tooling components
    -Consumer and digital product tooling components
    -Die holders and templates etc.

  • 5 Axis Machining - Impeller and Wind Turbine Manufacture

    We have been providing five-axis machining services to the aerospace industry for over 15 years. Precision impeller and wind turbine manufacturing requires ultra-high precision equipment and we have a wide range of high precision five-axis CNC machining machines, vertical five-axis machining, gantry five-axis machining centres and more. We serve the medical, aerospace, new energy, automotive and other fields.

  • Aerospace Cold Heading & Forging Tooling

    The aerospace industry is perhaps the most demanding and demanding of the industrial sectors.
    SPP CNC MACHINING's expertise in part customization, accuracy, durability and speed to market are the main challenges aerospace manufacturers face in today's market. Due to the high demand for customized parts in unique alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Tungsten Carbide, Technical Ceramics, Vaspaloy or Titanium, aerospace manufacturers need machining partners that can meet the demands of these alloys and have the expertise and know-how to produce the right part for the right aerospace application.
    SPP CARBIDE offers unrivaled materials and machining process knowledge
    SPP CARBIDE understands the unique challenges our customers face in forming these specialized materials. We work with our customers to ensure that the best possible materials and machining processes are used in the manufacture of cold or hot formed molds.

  • Air Compressor Crankshafts Manufacturing

    We are one of the largest air compressor crankshaft manufacturers in China, we can OEM special air compressor crankshaft and also manufacture famous brand air compressors such as (Zell series, Bock series, Torino series) to provide crankshaft customization.

  • Ammunition Tooling & Custom Carbide Dies

    We can provide tooling and services for ammunition producers in a variety of applications, including:
    Steel casings
    Backing nuts
    Carbide inserts
    Steel inserts
    Knock outs
    Punch casings
    Transfer fingers
    Feed wheels
    Impact dies
    Cut off knives
    Die block holders
    Crimping dies
    Lujan dies etc.

  • Array of Shaped Die Components for Optical Lenses

    The company is a specialist manufacturer of optical tools and optical moulded components and we offer CNC high speed 5 axis milling, micro machining and fine hole EDM services.

    Optical components generally require a very tight polish and we can perform precision mirror polishing of curved or straight lines to a surface Ra 0.01um.

  • Aspheric Mold & Optical Tungsten Carbide Tooling

    Ultra-precision aspheric mold and 0ptical  Tooling machining
    SPP CARBIDE Limited has a precision optical machinery team and rich experience in ultra-precision optical lens mold processing, the introduction of Japan's advanced ULG ultra-precision machining equipment, single-point diamond machining centers and measuring equipment. Our company undertakes aspheric optical mold core die core, PV value is less than 0.1 micron, diameter 0.6 mm ~ 65 mm. with a single point diamond machine processing a variety of high hardness mold materials (tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, sapphire, etc.). According to the customer to sample proofing, design, proofing, batch molding various specifications of aspheric lenses.

  • Auto Mold & Chase and Conversion Kit

    Automold Chase

    -All kinds of automold chases

    -All kinds of full conversion kits for auto mold system

    -Solution for venting and gating design to ensure good moldability performance (Void, Wire Sweep and incomplete filling)

    -Standard Cavity Bar Material : ASP23

    -Convertible Mold Die for other package type

    -Minimized compound usage Automold Conversion Kits

    -All kinds of full conversion kits for auto molding system

  • Automotive Lens & Mirror Forming Die Tooling and Parts

    The company has 16 years of experience in the manufacture of moulded components for automotive lenses and lens moulding. We manufacture moulded components and tools for optical components, which consist of tungsten carbide or hardened tool steel with a rigorous mirror finish.

  • Automotive Tungsten Carbide Custom Tooling Macining

    Automotive Technology
    We help keep the automotive industry alive.
    New innovations, changing products and customer demands have made flexibility and adaptability part of manufacturing in the automotive industry, as has the production of tools and dies used in the automotive market. The tools and mold solutions produced need to be flexible, precise and durable to withstand the rigors of automotive manufacturing and create a significant return on investment to help you stay competitive.
    SPP CARBIDE offers tool manufacturing services in a wide range of materials such as tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, steel, aluminum alloys, etc., which are perfectly suited to meet the custom tooling machining requirements of the automotive and new energy vehicle sectors.

  • Car Profile Light Mould(Groove Surface roughness Ra0.04µm)

    The company specialises in moulding tools for automotive optics and offers a high precision OEM component manufacturing service for automotive contour lamp moulds, we can perform mirror polishing services on contours and achieve Ra0.01um

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