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  • Carbide Cooling Nozzles for Cold and Hot Rolling

    Nozzles for roll cooling
    Optimum roll cooling in hot and cold rolling mills
    During the rolling process in hot and cold mills, heat is generated by mechanical deformation of the rolled parts due to frictional deformation. Effective cooling of the work rolls and support rolls (if necessary) is therefore essential for the forming process to ensure stable roll temperatures as well as efficient heat transfer and heat dissipation. Therefore, the goal is to create uniform, even cooling over the entire roll width with a homogeneous and acceptable heat distribution.
    SPP CARBIDE produces cooling nozzles for hot or cold rolling mills. The use of tungsten carbide nozzles with either an integral tungsten carbide or a shell steel core allows for tens of times the failure of normal stainless steel.
    Material options: tungsten carbide, high-speed steel, stainless steel, etc.

  • Cemented Carbide Tools for Hot Rolling

    Cemented Carbide Tools for Hot Rolling  - SPP CARBIDE Manufacturer

    The company has 30 years of experience in the manufacture of hot and cold rolling replacement parts, supplying tungsten carbide, carbide, technical ceramics, hardened steel replacement parts and tooling to renowned Chinese and European steel, wire rod and tube manufacturers.

    Typical Products:
    Rod and Coil Rolling Mill Rolls Rings
    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Wire Guide Wheels
    Torsion Rolls
    Tilt Rollers
    Cooling Nozzles
    Inlet and outlet wire guides
    Cemented Carbide Compoite Roll
    Three Carbide Rings
    HSS Rolls, etc.

  • Cold and Hot Rolling Tools-Tungsten Carbide Rolls

    SPP CNC MACHINING has been researching, developing and producing tungsten carbide rolls and HSS rolls since 1994. We have patents for a number of products such as tungsten carbide rolls, casting rolls, HSS rolls, roll rings, composite rolls, guides, inserts, wide-band work rolls, forged steel rolls, arbor rods and drums, and mill rolls. We mainly serve with the fields of steel manufacturing, wire rod manufacturing, pipe manufacturing, cold rolling and hot rolling technology, mill manufacturing, etc.

  • Custom Machining Tungsten Carbide Rolls

    SPP CARBIDE produces rolls for cold and hot rolling, where tungsten carbide is the best choice due to the extremely high temperature conditions. We can also manufacture rolls from hardened tool steels such as 1.2379, 1.3343 with tungsten carbide coating on the outside.
    Typical products:
    -Tungsten carbide rolls
    -Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    -Crossing rolls
    -Shelling rolls
    -Pitch Rolls
    -Inlet and outlet wire guides
    -Torsion rolls
    -Wire Guide rolls
    -Roll rings
    -Rolls Wire Guide rolls
    -Titanium wire flattening rolls, rollers
    -Plungers for pipe manufacturing
    -Guide rails
    -Replacement parts, rolls, rollers, etc. for CDA mills.

  • Rolling Mill Rolls

    Mill Rolls
    SPP CNC MACHINING customised specialists for the best solution for you!

    SPP CNC MACHINING is a company specialising in the customisation of precision components. With years of experience and advanced production equipment, we can provide you with high quality and reliable roll products.

    Our mill rolls are suitable for all kinds of metallurgical industries, including the production of bars, wires, profiles, strips, tubes and so on. We can customise the rolls according to the specific requirements and application scenarios of our customers to ensure their performance and longevity in various environments.

    Material options: tungsten carbide, high speed steel, cast steel, ductile iron, tungsten carbide coating, etc.

  • Tungsten Carbide Ring Rolls for Cold Rolling

    What is cold rolling?
    Cold rolling is the use of hot rolled steel coils as raw material, after pickling to remove the oxide skin for cold continuous rolling, the finished product is rolled hard coil, due to continuous cold deformation caused by cold hardening of the rolled hard coil strength, hardness, toughness and plasticity indexes, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of the parts. Rolled hard coil can be used as raw materials for hot-dip galvanising plant, because hot-dip galvanising units are set up with annealing line. Rolled hard coil weight is generally 6 ~ 13.5 tonnes, steel coil at room temperature, the hot-rolled pickling coil for continuous rolling.

    Typical products of carbide tools for cold rolling:
    Ring rolls
    Rodillos arrastradores
    Feeding rolls
    Integral straightening dies, or inlaid tungsten carbide straightening and guide pillar dies.
    Wire guides

  • Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Cold and Hot Rolling

    We are a supplier of precision rolls for the cold rolling and steel processing industries. The integrity of the rolls affects the productivity and availability of the mill. The rolls are designed for optimum utilisation and are ultrasonically tested. Our customers speak highly of the performance of our range of rolls. Being a renowned name in the industry, we offer superior quality Tungsten Carbide Rolls. Our rolls are exported to various countries of the world. Being a renowned name in the industry, we are committed to provide superior quality Tungsten Carbide Rolls.

    Product Features
    Material: Integral tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide coating,D3, D2, 52100, HSS, Hot Die.
    Application/Use: For Mills 

  • Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Hot & Cold Rolling

    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Tungsten carbide tooling and components such as tungsten carbide rolls, nozzles, inlet and outlet wire guides, clamping systems, and rollers for hot and cold rolling of long steel products such as wire rod, bars, and tubes.
    SPP CARBIDE LLC's 30+ years of experience in mill applications, coupled with our wide range of tungsten carbide rolls, tungsten carbide nozzles, inlet and outlet wire guides, and torsion roll rings customised to meet the needs of the marketplace, gives us the unique ability to work with you to develop an effective solution specifically tailored to your mill needs. Our custom solutions include tungsten carbide block rolls, combination rolls and carbide casting solutions as well as various clamping solution alternatives.
    Product Group:
    Cast Carbide Rolls
    Composite Rolls
    Tungsten Carbide Rings
    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Wire Guide Rolls
    Torsion rollers
    Tilt Roller
    Carbide cooling nozzles
    Inlet and outlet wire guides
    Ring rolls
    Rodillos arrastradores
    Feeding rolls
    Wire guides

  • Wire Straightening & Guiding Dies for Steel Forming

    SPP CARBIDE Inc. manufactures outstanding wear resistant wire straightening dies for your wire drawing operation. Our global customers come to us not only because of our quality and price, but also because of our short lead times for producing wire straightening dies of any size. Our tungsten carbide moulds provide excellent wear resistance in all sizes for your wire drawing and tube drawing processes. If you are looking for a quote for a mould, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to quote your part!

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