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  • Carbide Battery Tooling & Stamping Die Parts

    SPP CARBIDE, LLC provides high precision tungsten carbide tooling, custom carbide component services. The company has been providing precision tooling for battery manufacturing for 10 years, and with the latest developments in the lithium battery field requiring a large number of tungsten carbide tools, SPP CARBIDE is the best choice.
    Some examples of tungsten carbide tools for battery manufacturing:
    -Lithium battery slitting blade
    -Carbide special inserts
    -Carbide punches
    -Carbide matrix
    -Carbide concave moulds
    -Tungsten Carbide Dies
    -Stamping punches and dies
    -Carbide Punches and Dies
    -Cut-Edge Rings
    -Draw Dies
    -Forming Punches
    -Trimming Dies
    -Stamping Dies
    -Core Rods
    -Carbide Wire Guides
    -Cavities and Cores
    -Sliders and Core Pins

  • Custom Machining Ammunition & Firearms Tooling Carbide Dies

    We manufacture tungsten carbide tooling and dies for ammunition and gun tooling, Draw Dies, Profiles, Underfire stamping dies, Bullet Dies, Punches, Forged Tooling, AP Cores, Cartridge Drawing Die etc.

    SPP INDUSTRY aims to produce the highest quality tooling for the manufacture of ammunition tools, combining the new carbide and hardened steel steels. A high precision CNC grinding centre for the machining of correctly shaped tip shapes with a mirror polished finish replaces the traditional hand polishing process.
    Grinding and polishing of the internal contours of all construction matrices is performed only once, with perfect tangency between cone and radius.

  • Powdered Metal Compaction Tooling & Sintering Tooling

    Powdered Metal Compaction Prees Tooling & Sintering Tooling & Carbide Dies

    The construction of dies and punches for the sintering of metal powders requires equipment of high accuracy, repeatability and autonomy. SPP CARBIDE DIE is not only equipped with these mentioned methods, but also adapted them automated and robotic.

    This makes it one of the best companies in the world for the production of tools for pressing, sintering and shaping of metal powders.SPP CARBIDE DIE has modern high speed machining centers and Swiss wire spark machines and Swiss EMDs for machining complex frontal contours of upper and lower punches with hardnesses ranging from 60-64 HRc after heat treatment.SPP CARBIDE DIE has also developed different grades of Carbide DIE has also developed different grades of carbide punches.

  • Precision Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies Manufacturer

    SPP INDUSTRY develops and manufactures all types of wire drawing dies: round, oval, square, hexagonal, quadrilateral and other special shapes. The company can produce any drawing requirement you need. Based on our 23 years of experience in the manufacture of tungsten carbide tools, we will also be able to help you design your drawing dies and select the most suitable grade of carbide for your production.

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