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  • Hot & Cold Forming Punches & Pins

    Forming tools
    We manufacture customer designed punches, dies and auxiliary tools using a wide range of carbides and steels to provide the ultimate solution for maintaining high performance.
    Our advantages: 1: Reduced production costs, by maintaining efficiency and reducing downtime. 2: Improved product performance, through heat treatment and various PVD coatings to extend tool life. 3: High precision, state-of-the-art CNC machining to form complex shapes for multi-stage upsets.

  • Screws Header Punches (Second Punch)

    Screw Head Punches (Screw Second Punches), Second Head Punches manufacturers and suppliers.
    Phillips punches, screw punches, slotted punches,Recess Punch, Header Punch,second punches, Header punch dies
    The header punches are for various screw drives recess like phillips, slotted, phillips slotted, 6 lobe, 6 lobe tamper, 6 lobe slotted, pozi, pozi-slotted, hexagon, spanner, phillips-slot.ind, slot.ind or customized design.

    Head punches are available for ANSI, JIS, DIN or ISO standards for flat, oval, bundled, pan(JIS), pan(ANSI), round, truss, button, disc washers, cheese, tin TiALN screw head punches thread rolling dies, upsetting dies and fillers. It is also available in custom designs. Please provide us with your detailed specifications or screw drawings for our reference when you enquire or order.
    Materials: M2, M42,HSS,Carbide,ASP23,1.3343 etc.
    Finishes: plain, TiN, TiALN coated. Fastener forming tool manufacturer.

  • Special Shaped Cold Forming Punches & Tooling

    Cold heading extrusion punches
    Cold heading is the process of feeding wire into a machine that cuts it into pieces and then hammers it. The material is not heated or processed, but formed into the desired shape at room temperature. The ability to form the material rather than remove it makes the process extremely efficient and cost effective in high volume production.

    We design and manufacture our own custom tooling and make virtually all fastener forms, including multiple upsetting configurations, custom head shapes and replacements for multi-part assemblies. Transforming your supply requirements to cold heading can benefit in many ways.

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