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  • Carbide Cooling Nozzles for Cold and Hot Rolling

    Nozzles for roll cooling
    Optimum roll cooling in hot and cold rolling mills
    During the rolling process in hot and cold mills, heat is generated by mechanical deformation of the rolled parts due to frictional deformation. Effective cooling of the work rolls and support rolls (if necessary) is therefore essential for the forming process to ensure stable roll temperatures as well as efficient heat transfer and heat dissipation. Therefore, the goal is to create uniform, even cooling over the entire roll width with a homogeneous and acceptable heat distribution.
    SPP CARBIDE produces cooling nozzles for hot or cold rolling mills. The use of tungsten carbide nozzles with either an integral tungsten carbide or a shell steel core allows for tens of times the failure of normal stainless steel.
    Material options: tungsten carbide, high-speed steel, stainless steel, etc.

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