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  • Tungsten Carbide Control Valves Spare Parts for Oil and Gas

    SPP Carbide manufactures flow control components, Gates and Seats, Bushings, Choke and trim components for oil and gas, where the rigours of extraction and follow-on drilling require extremely wear resistant and hard materials. Cemented carbide and technical ceramics are the first choice and our carbide grades and technical ceramics are perfectly suited to their wear requirements. We also offer a selection of hardened steels and tool steels.

    SPP Carbide’s fluid handling and flow control products include:

    Homogenizer Components
    Spray Nozzles and Swirl Chambers
    Centrifugal Pump Components
    Choke Valve Components and Cages
    Control Valve Components
    Gate Valve Components
    Mechanical Seal Components
    Compressor Components
    Centrifuge Tiles

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