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  • Cold And Hot Forging Tools & Cutting Knives

    Cold And Hot Forging Tooling
    Tools in this category can be:
    Cutting knives
    Cutting dies
    Pre shapers / Pre compressors
    Final shapers
    Compacting dies
    Forging dies
    Conic dies
    Reducer dies
    Steel & Hard Metal Tools:
    Drawing Dies
    Drawing Mandrels
    Cold And Hot Forging Tools
    Rolling Tools
    Special Hard Metal Tools

    Cutting and trimming dies
    Stamping dies
    Cold heading dies
    Reduction / extrusion dies

  • Hot & Cold Forming Punches & Pins

    Forming tools
    We manufacture customer designed punches, dies and auxiliary tools using a wide range of carbides and steels to provide the ultimate solution for maintaining high performance.
    Our advantages: 1: Reduced production costs, by maintaining efficiency and reducing downtime. 2: Improved product performance, through heat treatment and various PVD coatings to extend tool life. 3: High precision, state-of-the-art CNC machining to form complex shapes for multi-stage upsets.

  • Hot & Cold Forming Trimming Dies & Inserts

    We offer precision tooling making for the cold & hot forging sector, they are generally made of carbide, M42, M2, HSS, 1.3343, ASP60 and others.

    Hot & Cold Forming Dies & Inserts
    Die Assembly
    Steel Inserts
    Carbide Inserts
    Segmented Carbide Inserts
    Replaceable Carbide Inserts
    Trimming Dies
    Open Dies
    Die Screws
    Die Fillers
    Serration Heading Dies
    Die Sleeves
    Pointing Dies
    Die Fillers
    and more.

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