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  • Carbide Battery Tooling & Stamping Die Parts

    SPP CARBIDE, LLC provides high precision tungsten carbide tooling, custom carbide component services. The company has been providing precision tooling for battery manufacturing for 10 years, and with the latest developments in the lithium battery field requiring a large number of tungsten carbide tools, SPP CARBIDE is the best choice.
    Some examples of tungsten carbide tools for battery manufacturing:
    -Lithium battery slitting blade
    -Carbide special inserts
    -Carbide punches
    -Carbide matrix
    -Carbide concave moulds
    -Tungsten Carbide Dies
    -Stamping punches and dies
    -Carbide Punches and Dies
    -Cut-Edge Rings
    -Draw Dies
    -Forming Punches
    -Trimming Dies
    -Stamping Dies
    -Core Rods
    -Carbide Wire Guides
    -Cavities and Cores
    -Sliders and Core Pins

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