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  • Disc Stack and Valve Cage for Fluid Control

    Tungsten carbide tools for oil, gas and petrochemical applications:
    Tungsten carbide has been used in flow control technology for many years. The reason: onshore as well as offshore, we often encounter extreme conditions. Moisture, sand and abrasive solids can cause tremendous wear - not only downstream, but in all phases of upstream processing operations after extraction. For many years, SPP CARBIDE has been a leader in offshore technology, exploration technology, mining technology, fluid control technology, hydraulics and pump body technology, drilling technology, power generation and environmental protection, where tungsten carbide and technical ceramics are becoming increasingly important.

    Valve inserts, radial bearing sleeves, pistons, complex construction parts for extreme applications

    typical applications:
    Drill drives, choke valves, control valves, shut-off valves, processing systems, onshore, offshore

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