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  • Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Hot & Cold Rolling

    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Tungsten carbide tooling and components such as tungsten carbide rolls, nozzles, inlet and outlet wire guides, clamping systems, and rollers for hot and cold rolling of long steel products such as wire rod, bars, and tubes.
    SPP CARBIDE LLC's 30+ years of experience in mill applications, coupled with our wide range of tungsten carbide rolls, tungsten carbide nozzles, inlet and outlet wire guides, and torsion roll rings customised to meet the needs of the marketplace, gives us the unique ability to work with you to develop an effective solution specifically tailored to your mill needs. Our custom solutions include tungsten carbide block rolls, combination rolls and carbide casting solutions as well as various clamping solution alternatives.
    Product Group:
    Cast Carbide Rolls
    Composite Rolls
    Tungsten Carbide Rings
    Tungsten Carbide Rolls
    Wire Guide Rolls
    Torsion rollers
    Tilt Roller
    Carbide cooling nozzles
    Inlet and outlet wire guides
    Ring rolls
    Rodillos arrastradores
    Feeding rolls
    Wire guides

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