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  • Aerospace Cold Heading & Forging Tooling

    The aerospace industry is perhaps the most demanding and demanding of the industrial sectors.
    SPP CNC MACHINING's expertise in part customization, accuracy, durability and speed to market are the main challenges aerospace manufacturers face in today's market. Due to the high demand for customized parts in unique alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Tungsten Carbide, Technical Ceramics, Vaspaloy or Titanium, aerospace manufacturers need machining partners that can meet the demands of these alloys and have the expertise and know-how to produce the right part for the right aerospace application.
    SPP CARBIDE offers unrivaled materials and machining process knowledge
    SPP CARBIDE understands the unique challenges our customers face in forming these specialized materials. We work with our customers to ensure that the best possible materials and machining processes are used in the manufacture of cold or hot formed molds.

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