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  • Custom Machining Pot & Plunger for Semiconductor Packaging

    The company is one of the largest manufacturers of Pot & Plunger in China and we provide OEM services for Pot & Plunger to well-known semiconductor companies in China and Taiwan.
    Pot & Plunger is used in the manufacture of semiconductor packaging moulds. The company's Pot & Plunger can be manufactured using M42 high speed steel or tungsten carbide and can also be supplied with additional PVD coating services.

  • IC Package Mold Parts Cavities and Inserts

    We offer fabrication and customization services for semiconductor die components, including:
    -IC encapsulation die cavities and inserts
    -IC leadframe stamping die punches and bushings
    -Semiconductor packaging die plungers and pots, -Semiconductor packaging die plungers and pots
    -Encapsulation die cores and core pins

    Materials: tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, tool steel, HSS, ASP23, etc.

  • Semiconductor Leadframe Mould & Die Tooling Machining

    Semiconductor leadframe moulding A metal substrate that serves as a lead to connect a semiconductor chip to external circuitry and as a frame to hold a semiconductor package to a circuit board.

    As a key component of a semiconductor integrated circuit, it is connected to the chip by thin leads and transmits electrical signals between the semiconductor chip and the substrate, and acts as a frame to protect and support the chip from external moisture or shocks.

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